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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A tough Year

"2014 was hard for many, many people.
For you, it might be going down as one of the worst years you can remember.
For you, it may have brought you to your knees more times than you could count.
For you, it may have left you breathless … hopeless … tired and weary.
But before you eagerly slam the door on 2014, I ask you to look down at your hands.
See that dirt under your fingernails?
My friend, that is beautiful. That is remarkable. That is significant.
You could have let go, but you didn’t.
You could have given up, but you didn’t.
You hung on.
You hung on.
And here’s what I believe:
I believe 2014 was not your worst year, but possibly your greatest.
Your Year of Greatest Strength
Your Year of Greatest Faith
Your Year of Greatest Hope
Your Year of Greatest Patience
Your Year of Greatest Risk
Your Year of Greatest Trust
Your Year of Greatest Determination
Your Year of Greatest Courage
Just look at that dirt beneath your fingernails.
That is what you are made of.
Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it remarkable? Isn’t it significant?
It was your Year of Greatest Survival.
And you lived to tell about it.
Thank you for holding on.
Let us celebrate.
Let us celebrate.
The light overcame the darkness. "
© Rachel Macy Stafford 2014
I found this posting on Facebook, on a page called "The Hands Free Revolution" and I truly hope that they don't mind me borrowing it.
For me 2014 has been a tough year. There has been job loss, financial struggles, relationship woes, and growth pains of a family. But through it all, I look at the dirt under my fingernails and know that I held on. I made it through. By sheer determination some days and only by the Grace of God, but I came through.
A new year is on the horizon and with it comes the feelings of a fresh start. It brings a sense of relief that 2014 is behind us and with the new year comes hope and new beginnings. 


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