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Monday, March 2, 2015

Around the House

Princess Pea and Izzy rocking out at the Confirmation Class Pancake Breakfast
Happy Monday Morning my Friends...

Homework for Pea
It was a quiet weekend here with not a lot going on. We are down to one vehicle right now and not sure how long before we get mine fixed or find Cookie Monster his own car. So things are tight and we haven't been going anywhere.  

Princess Pea had a retreat for her confirmation class last Friday and Saturday. She had a great time and got to me other kids from other churches....which she of course loved. She also has decided to run for one of the local festival courts as the Junior Miss. We will see how that goes. I guess trying out can't hurt...just not sure how I can afford to add this to all her other stuff.

I did get a new job though, hopefully starting next Monday (I haven't heard for sure as they are waiting on my drug test). It will be a huge raise and better benefits, but of course more responsibility. This leads to even more stress and anxiety on my part. But it is needed and I will settle in eventually.

Miss Addie
My Sister-in-Law brought Baby Adelia by on Saturday and I got to play and snuggle her! She really is such a sweetie and so happy!

Honey's new hobby - Wood carving/chipping
Today Princess Pea has her solo and ensemble and then off to dance class. Things will start to pick up now as we head to the later part of the school year!

But for now, here are some pictures from around the house. Hoping I can get back to blogging soon!

Snuggly Sassy Cat
Homemade Chicken Gnocchi Soup
The Sunbeam found me
Repotting Plants
Snuggly Emmie
And Luna too...
Dreaming of Spring with my Homesteading Books


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