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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


So "THAT" time of year is upon me again. The time when I get the undeniable urge to clean and declutter my entire house. Yes, all of it, right down to the boxes of things we never EVER look at. I go through this cycle every year and never seem to get it done. I want to take care of it this year so I can fully focus on living the simpler life that I have been  yearning for. Having less stuff makes it easier to live in the moment. You don't worry so much about what needs to be done and can focus on what is now, in this very minute.

Living intentionally and simply has been a passion of mine for quite sometime. For years I rented places where all I could do was plant flower beds and maybe few plants in pots. Now that I am purchasing my parents old home on two lots, there is so much more I can and want to do to live frugally and intentionally.

The first step is to declutter the house and get rid of all the junk. We have so many things that we don't use taking up space. Old shoes, an unused dog crate, boxes of papers and handed down items. It's time to clear these out, hold a garage sale and then donate the rest. Time for it all to go. I will feel better without all the chaos. 

So here is my plan of attack and some tips on getting it done.

1. Plan a specific day to start and put it on your calendar.
2. Make a plan on how to move through the house, where to start, which room comes next, etc.
3. Don't expect to finish it all in one day.
4. Take the decluttering in small bites - one room, closet, dresser or drawer at a time.
5. Make rules on what can be kept. Mine include a) is it necessary b) is it useful c) is it sentimental and d) is it beautiful. If an item can't measure up to the rules, it has to go.
6. For clothing, the rules differ slightly - a) does it fit well b) do you wear it c) is it flattering d) is it stained/ripped/does it need repair and can you do the repair?

My start day is today. I am working on my plan and when I get home, I'm attacking my dresser to clean out anything I don't wear or doesn't fit, and fixing anything that needs repair.

I hope this has inspired you to declutter your home (and life) as well. God's blessings my friends.


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