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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Real Princess

She has always been my princess, that little girl that God blessed me with 15 years ago. From the day she was born she was Princess Pea and will be until I die I think. But now, after this last weekend, I have a REAL princess on my hands!!  Hailey ran for Miss Wild West Days, a local festival and was crowned the 1st Attendant on Saturday night. She is walking on air. She tried out last year and didn't make it, but now she knows what it is like to want something, work hard to get it and the wonderful feelings of pride and accomplishment when you achieve a dream.  I think she is still beaming! 

Hailey helping her friend Haley,
who was running for Jr. Miss
Hailey and Haley

2016 Wild West Days Royalty Court

2016 and 2014 Wild West Days Royalty Courts
2016 Wild West Court and 2015 Syttende Mai Court
2016 Wild West Court with visiting Royalty.

Hailey and her friend Madison, now both Princess
Hailey with Jr. Miss Genevieve
Hailey and her dad
2016 and 2015 Wild West Days 1st Attendants
2016 Miss Wild West with the 1st and 2nd Attendant
Hailey with her dad and I

Hailey, Mylissa and Genevieve
Hailey and I

2016 Wild West 1st Attendant, 2nd Attendant and Jr. Miss
My Real Life Princess Pea

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