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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy Weekend!

Hello Dear Friends!

I hope this post finds you all well and healthy! It has been a really busy weekend here! I took Friday off so that we could take Cookie Monster up to meet with the recruiter for the Minnesota Air National Guard. It sounds like this is the route he wants to go and no matter how I feel, I won't say a word against it. Honey spent 23 years in the National Guard and My ex-husband wanted to be in the Air Force. It is really different though when you are a Mama!

Minneapolis is a 3 hour drive from our house, so it was a long day to do the trip in one day. We actually got there early, and ended up sitting at my ex-in-laws for nearly an hour visiting. It was a little awkward since I haven't been in their house for nearly 10 years. It is nice that we are able to talk and laugh and reminisce. I feel it is the best for the kids to have a good relationship with their dad and his family.

Last night was the Syttende Mai Princess Coronation. I am the Secretary of the Board so I had to go. I have been working on my bunad (Norwegian dress) for the last month or so. Traditionally, the dresses are red, black or blue, but I chose a dark hunter green for mine. I made every piece of the costume and it was really fun to show it off last night.

It is the third bunad I have made. I also made one for my sister-in-law and for my niece when she was the 2nd Attendant. It was kind of cool that the bunad I made for my niece was worn last night by the girl who ended up getting 2nd Attendant! It was kind of a late night but lots of excitement!

This morning we are having more rain and sleet and snow. I am so tired of winter!  I'm itching for spring and my gardens and green grass! I don't want to complain. We had a drought last year so I know we need the moisture but sunshine would sure lighten some moods and make everyone feel a little better!

My oldest brother stopped for coffee this morning too! He is learning to live again after the end of his 18 year marriage. He gets terribly lonely and calls and comes to visit a lot. I love it and am glad that what I have experienced in my life allows me to help him through this tough time.

Now I am working getting some pictures ordered for Cookie Monster's scrapbook and his Graduation announcements and working on his scrapbook. At around 5 I have to run up and pick up the kids from their dads. How do weekends go so quickly!

Hoping your day is wonderful and blessed.


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