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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Three Things About Yourself You are Grateful For....

Wow… talk about a tough challenge!! We’re talking about me here!  You know, the one who for most of her life has thought she wasn’t good enough for anyone. Me, with the naturally curly hair we only half-jokingly call “The Beast”, my nemesis since it grew out this way at around age 12. Me, with the baby belly I can’t get rid of.  Me, with the corny laugh and weird smile, suffering from anxiety and procrastination issues.  Me, the vertically challenged, self-conscious one who battles a severe inferiority complex every single day …. You expect ME to find three things I am grateful for about myself??? Really?? Could this challenge be any tougher??? Well, I guess since I agreed to this (Miss Anna), I have to follow through.

First, I guess I do like that I seem to attract kids (and sometimes adults) for no apparent reason. I have many kids that I have “adopted” over the years and they keep coming back. One has even invited me to her wedding!!  I love these kids as my own and they have brought me so much joy. From Mexican Movie nights to trips to the Mall, I am so very grateful they are a part of my life and I am glad that for whatever reason they have adopted me as well.

Another thing about myself that I am grateful for is my ability to learn quickly and teach myself new things. Throughout my life I have taught myself many new skills and hobbies. Photography, knitting, quilting and cross-stitch all have been a part of my life at some point, enhancing and enriching my life and those of others.

The last aspect of myself that I am grateful for is my ability to empathize with others. Being able to put myself in another’s shoes and understand where they are coming from has brought me great joy and to others. I like being able to understand and help others going through tough times.

So I guess there is more to like about myself than I thought. Maybe this challenge will be a good thing. What do you think… can you come up with 3 things you are grateful for about yourself???  

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