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Friday, January 15, 2016

A Gift Worn, Given Away and Shared

Gifts come in many sizes, shapes and colors. They can from many places or people. Gifts can be received or better yet given away and shared. Today’s challenge is a gift worn, given away and shared. My favorites!!  

At our house there is a tradition of Santa Claus gifts. Now, I’m not talking about Santa filling a stocking. While he does that as well, there are times when he will leave gifts under the tree for the adults. Usually, these “Santa” gifts are a joke in response to something silly that happened throughout the year. Like the year my sweet sister-in-law received a tube of Fix-A-Flat after running over a boat anchor earlier in the year. Yeah, THOSE kinds of gifts. So when I saw a Santa gift under the tree this year for ME, I started thinking back over the year to see if I could remember some knucklehead move I made.  Not clearly remembering one, I opened the gift with trepidation, shocked to find the most beautiful, soft, homemade knitted scarf in a beautiful oatmeal color. This wasn’t a gag gift after all, but a thoughtful gift from someone who cared enough to make me something so wonderful.  I was so completely surprised and moved by this treasured gift. Wearing it wrapped cozily around my neck, reminds me that someone cares enough to have made it for me.

A gift given away was a pair of mittens I made this past December. I worked hard on them, ripping out stitches many times to make sure they were perfect.  They were a beautiful dusty blue and had cables on the backs. Every night I worked on them, chatting with my roommate and watching tv.  Watching my roommate’s eyes when I handed them to her was a beautiful priceless gift! I just love surprising my loved ones.

So for a gift share, it’s time for sappy, sentimental, gaggy, romantic  – Anna plug your ears!!!  The first night I went out to eat with Joe, the wonderful guy I am seeing, we shared a burger. What a night!  It was silly and romantic, sweet and easy. How is that a gift? It is so different from what I have experienced lately.  It has been a long time since I have felt this way and sharing that burger represents all the things we hope to share in the future. 

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