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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby its cold outside!!!

Wow! Welcome to winter in Wisconsin! They put us under a winter weather advisory late last night and this morning we woke up to about an inch or so on the ground. The roads were all snow covered and slippery on the way to school and work. It continued to snow all day, leaving us with around 6 inches total and of course the roads were not much better on the way home!

So as if the snow isn't bad enough, Old Man Winter is throwing another artic blast our way! The temps are only supposed to be in the single digits with wind chills between -25 and -35!!! Tell my again way my ancestor's decided to settle in Wisconsin?

On another note, I just had to laugh tonight as I watched my daughter do her homework. All her life, she has been such a wiggle worm! Whether she is listening to a story, coloring, homework or reading, she just can't sit still. I snapped these shots of her while she concentrated on reading me a story tonight. She is such a silly girl!

Dinner tonight was taco's and Spanish rice! Kind of a make your own night from the counter and eat in the living room watching a movie. Tonight's feature "Night at the Museum; Battle for the Smithsonian". It was pretty cool!!

Well, its time for bed again! I hope the drive in to work tomorrow isn't too bad, though I am already having my doubts. and if it is too cold, school may be late or cancelled. I wish I had the opportunity to stay home with my kids on no school days (or every day for that matter) HA! We would have so much fun!! Snow days are a many possibilities!

I hope you all have a blessed and restful night!!

Today I am Thankful For:
- Everyone's safe travels
- Kids having the shoveling done when I get home
- Another night with Paul
- My brother calling to check on me
- a Quiet Day at work
- a Beautiful Quilt to sleep under
- Laughing with my kids

Today I am Praying For:
- My children
- Paul
- Paul's children
- My family
- My cousin's twins as they come home from the hospital
- My cousin's pregnancy

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