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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hi, come on in and sit a bit....its time to just relax, put up my feet and chat! Tuesday's mean dance night again. Of course I had to run off to Wal-Mart tonight and do some errands. I love just sitting at dance, chatting with the other mother's. It is like a special commraderie that forms as we all sit and wait for all our little prima ballerinas to finish class.

I am feeling a little sad tonight. Paul has been staying with me since 3 Jan and it is hard to see him go home. Having him around every night, helping with the little things reminds me of how much I miss being married. Don't get me wrong, I don't miss my ex husband at all, but I miss the partnership, I miss the day to day "life" things that married life contains. I know that I will see him again in just a few days, but it makes me sad to know that I have to wait so long for our forever to begin.

I am happy to report that my friends son is slowly recovering after falling through the ice last week. He is still in the hospital and on a ventilator, but he is making slow steady progress! Praise God!! Please keep little Reese in your prayers!

I am also happy to say that many of our friends are home from their deployment! More are on their way over the next few weeks! We are excited to see them! Hailey is about jumping up and down! She can't wait to see Shannon! It has been a long year without them!

Matt came home from pep band tonight and told me that his band director wants him to do a solo this year. He plays the tenor sax and I think he is good. Apparently his director does too. He told Matt that he has the potential to go to state (Matt is a freshman) and to be a leader in the band. I hope Matt takes him seriously and I pray for the words to encourage him and guide him!

Well, I think I will finish my tea and toddle off to bed for the night! I hope ya'll enjoyed our chat! I look forward to talking with you again!

What I am Thankful for Today:
- My kids are home and safe
- Paul successfully finished his training
- Short day at work
- Seeing friends arrive home from deployment
- Loving family and friends who lend a shoulder when needed
- Warmer weather

What and Who I am Praying for Today:
- My children
- Paul and his family
- My family as the first anniversary of my mother's death approaches
- Reese as he recovers from his fall through the ice
- Nicholas as he fights to recover from his injuries from the IED
- Nicholas' family as they help him through this
- Friends returning from deployment
- Me, for the words of wisdom and encouragement for my children
- Donna and her family during her father's illness
- LeRoy and Donna as they face the aftermath of the fire

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  1. Awww I'm sorry you're missing Paul. I know exactly what you mean though, it's nice having that presence with you, to just be there even for a hug :)


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