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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well, Yesterday seems to have gotten by me a bit. I will have to catch up.

I am soooo excited! Paul and I are planning a vacation with our blended family this summer. He has 4 kids himself, 2 of which are still at home, and then I have 2, so we will be taking 4 kids on a cross country road trip to Rapid City, South Dakota!! I am so excited to go! We haven't taken them anywhere since our trip to Michigan 3 years ago for the family reunion.

We are planning on staying at KAO campgrounds, but renting out the cabins they have. There are some that have 2 room cabins or even lodges! They are reasonable too and with the lodges, you have the bathroom and a kitchette right there, plus a private master bedroom. I think this is what we are going to get. Another hint, if you are military, ask about a military discount. One of the KAO's we stayed at in Michigan gave us 10% off our stay! Each KAO is independently owned and operated, so it is up to the discretion of the owner if they offer the discount, but ya gotta try right?

Something else that was exciting to me is that I got a note from my cousin's 13 year old daughter last night. She is apparently doing some family research for school and wanted to know what I knew about my Grandfather's family (her Great-Grandfather). Well, over the years I have become known as the family historian. I have traced this particular side of the family back to 1160 in Scotland and another branch back to 1499 in England.

By her asking for information, it has opened up the desire to start the research again. I love delving in to the past and finding out about the people who made me who I am today! You never know what you will find, good, bad, funny, sad,'s all there in the past!

Well, better get back to work here! Whoops!! I will try to get a better post up tonight before bed!!

Have a great day!

What I am Thankful For from Yesterday
- Healthy Happy Children
- Time with Paul
- Vacation Plans
- Family History
- Bed!
- News of impending homecomings!

Who I was Praying For Yesterday
- My Children
- My family as the 1st anniversary of my mother's passing approaches
- Deployed friends
- Family who lost their house in a fire
- Friends mother who was in a car accident last night

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