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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crazy Day!!!

Today just seemed like a crazy day from the get go. Paul is staying with me for a week and a half and it is slightly strange to have him around! While I am enjoying it very much, it does upset the routine a bit! I am normally a go with the flow type person, but I also like my routine.Image Credit: Google Images

Tuesdays are dance days. This means that I leave work at 3:15 to rush home and help my daughter out of her school clothes and into dance clothes. Its easier, and warmer, to do this at home than at dance. Today her bus was late and it was nearly 3:45 by the time we left the house. It is a 20 minute drive to dance and my teen-aged son through a zig in my zag! He needed money for the wrestling match tonight that he had to play pep band for. Quick stop at the school to give him yet another $10 and we were back off and running.

I dropped Hailey off at dance, luckily the instructor was a bit late as well, and visited with the other dance mom's before rushing off to the local department store for groceries.

Back to dance by 6 to pick up my little ballerina and then home to dinner. Luckily I was fore-sighted enough to put a roast in the crock-pot this morning.

Combine all this with 2 hours of homework for her (that includes all the fighting to get her to do it) and 2 batches of cookies and you have one tired mama!

I am off to cuddle with my honey and enjoy the time we have together while he is here! Much less running to look forward to tomorrow night! Just more cleaning!! :)

What I am Thankful For:
- Dance Moms
- Running Vehicles
- Dinner Ready
- Frost on the Window Panes - so beautiful
- Getting off work early

Who I am Praying For:
- My children
- Local family who lost house in fire.
- Troops returning from deployment

- My family as the 1st anniversary of my mother's death approaches.

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