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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plans for the weekend!

What a busy weekend we have! Again! I love that my kids and family are involved in so many activites; however, I wish there were times I could just be home and didn't have to run them everywhere. Ooooo, that sound's a lot like whining! Better knock that off right now and add a few more things to my Gift List.....

- for the ability to participate in my kids lives and activities...
- for my kids choosing activities rather than drugs, alcohol, partying, or crime.
- for warm sweaters
- for helping me set a positive example for my daughter
- for giving me people to look up to
- for a healthy and safe pregnancy for a co-worker's wife.

There, that sure helps! Adding joy gifts to my list always make me see things in a different perspective! now, looking at the calendar, I see it will be another busy weekend! Tonight Cookie Monster plays in the pit band for the musical at the high school and we are all going to see it, including my Dad and his wife and my Sister-in-Law and niece. I need time to go grocery shopping too so I can do some massive baking/cooking for the freezer and canning. We still have ti organize and put away so many boxes and items in the new house....It's like they are EVERYWHERE!! Oh wait....they are! And Honey brought home more furniture from his storage locker last night that we need to find room for! On Sunday we have church and a birthday party for my niece turning 17. Cookie Monster plays pit band all weekend too! Whew...Calgon take me away!!!!

After all the activity of this fall, I am kind of looking forward to the quiet cozy homebound-ness of winter. When the snow falls and drifts over and everyone huddles together at home and the crazy chaos stops for a little while and the world becomes quiet. I know that once the kids are gone, the craziness will be gone too and I will miss them and ache for this season of my life. But right now, I just want to rest and to spend time enjoying my new home ***SIGH*** I guess that is not in the "Plan" right now, so Lord, give me strength and lead me on.

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