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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hi there! So glad you could join me today! I'm just sitting here dreaming about want I our of life and am happy to have someone to talk about it with.

See I'm not even close to where I want to be in life.  I thought by now I would be well on my way to my 25th wedding anniversary, have my kids, be a stay at home mom, running and organizing the house and homeschooling the kids while my husband worked. Church on Sundays with dinner at grandmas after. I would have my garden, do the canning, laundry on the line. Have relative financial security.

Ha! Not even close. I wasn't even married for 10 years. I work full time and do whatever odd jobs I can bring in to make extra money.  As a single working mom, my kids attend public school. And while Honey is a stay at home, he doesn't get much done. He would rather just read. And my finances need serious attention. And it all weighs on my heart.

So anyway,  enough belly-achin, It's not gonna help me get where I want to be.  I work hard to keep the sad, overwhelming depression from getting to me and just work through it. God promises in the Gospel of John that he will take care if us, just as  he did for the disciples in the Sea of Gallilee. Jesus walked on water to get them and take care of them. So even if I don't know what my future holds or where I am going I know that Jesus,  my Savior, will be there to care for me.

So my dream you ask? Well other than what I listed above, I think I would like to open a Christian based Bed and Breakfast. A place that retreats can be held, families can vacation, and couples can reconnect.

Honey turned me onto the idea of spiritual gifts. I looked them up an mine seem to be hospitality and mercy and there were two more along the same lines. It seems that running a bed and breakfast would be right up my alley. Now to set goals and make priorities to start taking steps in the right direction!

First step, get finances back under control and stop procrastinating and counting on others for help.  Ugh...this one may hurt!

Well better get back to work. Until i can make my dream a reality, I need this job! Thanks for listening my dear friends! God bless each of you!

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