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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lazy Sunday...


I love days like today best of all.  Even though I woke up with a case of vertigo, the day ended up being just wonderful. I have suffered from positional vertigo for about 6 or 7 years. I haven't had a case in quite some time, but when I get hit I am usually a mess for the whole day. I am so happy that today wasn't like that. I ended up with a headache but I was able to function, so it was all good.

My kiddos were both home all day today, and with them, a host of their friends. Cookie Monster's buddies all hung out today for most of the day alternating between their game-fest and the NASCAR race and Princess Pea had a sleep over with her bestie Frizz last night so they were pretty much out of sight. The extra kids stayed for most of the day. I love that they feel comfortable enough to hang out.

Sweet Honey put on a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup and I worked at making cookies and apple tarts. Or course the cookies were a big hit, but it was the first time I made the apple tarts so I wasn't sure how they would go over. The recipe called them apple kolaches, but my Polish Honey said that they are not "real" kolaches lol. Even if they weren't, he dubbed them a "Keeper". Made me smile. It makes my heart so full when I can make a loved one happy!

Apple "Kolaches" or Apple Tarts
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sweet Honey
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Cooking!
Luna and I went out and played frisbee earlier too! She loves that game and will go until she just about drops! It is so cool to see her bounding through the snow! We have to be careful though because she looks kind of like a coyote and around here, they are fair game for hunters!

Luna and her Frisbee

I was also able to get the laundry and the dishes caught up. I wish I could have done more with the house this weekend. It was definitly on the "to-do" list but we ran out of weekend! One can only do so much.

Currently I am studying the Gospel of John and learning much about God's Love for us. I love reading this book and discovering more about Jesus and how he taught people. I listent to Skip Heitzig on our Christian radio channel on the way home from work everyday and it has been so eye opening and insightful! I'm excited to learn more!

Another project I have been working on is pictures for scrapbooks and a slide show for Cookie Monster's graduation party. I have an external hard drive that is giving me fits and giggles. Everytime I try to open one of the files on it, I am told that I don't have access to these files. I have found a sort of work-around to remove most of the files, but not all of them yet. I worked on that for a bit this evening until I felt my frustration level rising, then I knew it was time to walk away.

Well, I think I am going to take my new books and go curl up under some blankets. It is getting cold again and I hear that we are in for quite a storm tomorrow into Tues. We are under a Winter Storm Warning here in West Central Wisconsin for 8 - 12 inches of snow again. Yuck. I am so ready for spring!

Good night my dear friends and God's Blessings on you all.

Safe Travels to all who may be affected by this newest storm.

Remember...God Loves You!

Jinx keeping an eye on me while I work
My favorite candle!

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