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Friday, January 9, 2015


Good Morning Dear Friends..

View out my Kitchen Window last night
Once again it's a bitterly cold day over here. It sure makes me want to just stay home and hibernate. Yesterday we had some snow, the fluffy kind, and with the wind blowing, there were white out conditions and blizzard conditions to the west of us. It wasn't quite so bad here, but bad enough for many activities to be cancelled, including my Board meeting! Cookie's boss called and told him to stay home too. He is a cook at a local supper club and I guess they didn't think anyone would be out dining last night. I'm glad I didn't have to worry about him on the roads.

View out my Living Room Window last night

Warm Glow of (Fake) Candle Light
It is an LED Candle - much safer with the
animals in the house
I love the look and feel of candles burning. The glow they put off warms the soul as much as they light the room. It evokes a warm, cozy feeling, especially on cold winter nights. Unfortunately with all the animals in the house, I don't light them as often as I would like. Emma is such a spastic, 7 month old lab puppy with at tail that can clear the coffee table in one swipe. All it would take would be for her to get over excited (which happens often) and the candle would start the room on fire. I do have a couple of the LED candles but they just don't give the same feeling in my opinion.

Warm Cozy Quilts
So we look for other ways to stay warm and cozy.  Quilts are one of my favorites! This one was a gift from one of the circles at church! Isn't it sweet and I love the colors. It is the perfect size for cuddling with while reading on the couch!

Wii Fun
We have been playing a lot of Wii as well the last week.  We have 4 remotes so we can all join in. The kids and I played last night, Mario Kart again, and of course they both beat the pants off me. But the laughter and time together is worth so much more than my pride!
Here are some other miscellaneous pictures from the house...our sweet Sassy Cat, some of my beloved books and my wonderful son. 

Sassy Cat
And More Books

Cookie Hanging Out at the Computer
This weekend will see me cleaning closets, packing up the Christmas things (yes, I know, I've been saying that for a week!), crafting, laundry and of course watching the Packer Game!! I'm not big into a lot of sports but give me my football! Local High School, Wisconsin Badgers, and Green Bay Packers....I do love to watch. Of course, this Packer's game, a play-off game, will be a fun one...played in Lambeau Field in Green Bay in the cold, against the Dallas Cowboys (who happen to be Honey's favorite team!). Me thinks there will be someone not so happy Sunday evening. Actually, we don't trash talk much...we just root on our teams. I'm hoping the weather doesn't get too bad. We have invited my brother and his wife down with their new baby for the game. Little Adelia is so very sweet! I just want to love on her forever!
On that note, I'd better get to work. I think my lunch break is over and I have things to get done before I leave.
Praying on this verse today: 2 Timothy 4:17 -  "But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me...I was rescued out of the lion's mouth." - May the Lord your God stand with you today, whatever you are facing.

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